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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I need to refinish my floors?

Typically most floors need refinishing between 8-25 years, maintenance is going to be the greatest factor. Periodical deep cleanings with the Bona Deep Clean machine or a Basic Coating Dirt Dragon will extend the life of your floor. Recoating every 4-5 years will increase the longevity of your floor. Waiting until the finish is worn through may permanently damage the floor. With proper care you can easily get 25 years between each refinish.


How do I clean my hardwood flooring, and what is the safest product?

Every hardwood floor manufacturer is a little different and it is always best to check with them before cleaning your floor with any product. With that said, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a great cleaner to use, Wood Wise Floor Cleaner, or Basic Coatings Wood Floor Cleaner. Lightly spritz the floor with the cleaner, and wipe off with the Bona Micro Fiber cloth.  The dryer you keep your floors, the longer they will last!


May I use Orange Glow or Murphy's Oil soap on my floor?

Joe's Hardwood Floors, Inc. doesn't recommend using these types of products because they can leave an oily film behind that builds up dirt quickly.


Are hollow pockets an indication of water damage?

In some cases yes. Old solvent based glue (13 years or more) will break down and crystalize with age and small amounts of subterrainean moisture. Newer floors typically have a urethane based glue that can withstand a greater amount of moisture. However, there may still be small, empty pockets due to an uneven subfloor. A flood or leaking pipe can also cause popping and hollow pockets. It is best to have the area tested for moisture first, then we can determine the proper treatment. Many times the floor can be injected with epoxy to fix areas with small pops. The worst case scenario is the floor may need to be replaced. Either way the sooner you catch it, the less invasive it will be.

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